Archaeology and Medieval Itinerary 2

Archaeology and Medieval Itinerary 2

Archaeology and Medieval Itinerary 2

Archaeological and medieval itinerary: Pastena, Priverno, cistercian abbeyof Fossanova, Terracina le “Termopylae of Italy, the ancient sanctuary of monte S. Angelo, Fondi and the walls of the roman town.

“Wonder is the desire for knowledge”

Caves of Pastena are situated at the bottom of a karstic valley, the fossilized branch extends for 880 m and that of the active branch for 2217 m. The rocks are between 80 and 50 million years old. The tunnel of the Meraviglie (Marvels), the room of the Salice Piangente (Weeping Willow) and the room of Monte Calvario (Calvary Hill) are very atmospheric. The latter is so-called because a great formation of rock and of mud form a small hill on which some stalagmites seem to represent three crosses, exactly as on Monte Calvary Hill.

Priverno remains of the Roman city and the archaeological museum.


Abbey of Fossanova consacrated in 1208 in Gothic-Cistercian style, it is the oldest abbey of this order in Italy. Here, in 1274, S. Thomas of Aquino died. A visit to the Castle of the Counts of Aquino at Monte San Giovanni Campano, where Saint Thomas was imprisoned by his father in 1273 is also interesting.

Terracina the ‘Thermopylae of Italy’: monuments of the Roman and medieval town;

Ancient sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo with an extraordinary panorama over the

Tyrrhenian sea, as far as the island of Ponza;

Fondi the walls of the Roman town; medieval monuments.